Ancestral Health Wellness Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed with hectic modern life? These ideas can help you get back to your roots and become well for good.

4/12/2021 2 min read

My style of health coaching is guided by the principles of Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health, which prioritizes optimizing health, preventing and reversing disease through a focus on addressing lifestyle and environmental factors, and connecting us back to our roots and the basics of health.

This is so important in today's modern world, which rewards over-achievers and encourages a “do-more” mentality, leaving us feeling over-worked, under-nourished, and bombarded by pro-inflammatory environmental stressors. Conventional medicine tends toward addressing symptoms with a band-aid approach, ignoring the elephant in the room that we are facing an epidemic of rising rates of chronic disease. A functional approach emphasizes optimizing health and addressing the person as a whole, not just their symptoms.

Current dietary dogma leaves most people feeling confused, overwhelmed, and immobilized. If this is you, know that you are not alone - there is a sea of health information out there and it can all be really confusing (paleo, keto, vegan, carnivore, the list goes on). I find it helpful to take a more direct approach of simplifying and looking at our health as individualized, taking a look at our ancestors and how they ate and lived their lives. 

For example, studies suggest that when we are inflamed, we are more impulsive, have more difficulty making decisions, and regulating our emotions. When we eat a more whole-foods based diet, let go of and learn to manage stress and work with emotions, find movement practices that bring us joy, and prioritize our sleep - we can actually reduce inflammation within the body fairly quickly. 

This can be especially important for women like me, who may suffer from what's been called 'superwoman syndrome' or feeling like we have to do it all. Feeling like we have to fit into the patriarchal boxes our society has laid out for us. While also wanting to be a good mom, wife, friend, spend time volunteering ... and before we know it we don't have time to take care of ourselves. Our society tends to encourage this 'always on' and strive and achieve more mentality - but where does that leave us as individuals? 

The heart of my practice is guiding my clients to find ownership within their lives, and learn to adopt lasting behavior change that optimizes their health and well-being so they can live longer, more enjoyable lives while hopefully reducing, eliminating, and/or learning to better manage existing pain and symptoms.

Areas of focus for our work together may be anything you recognize as important to your wellbeing. Some common starting points include: intuitive nutrition, sleep, stress management, meditation, increased energy, movement, body awareness, supporting hormones, pregnancy or postpartum, personal clarity, and/or life balance.