Making Movement Fun

What exercise or forms of movement bring you joy


4/18/2022 2 min read

How can you bring more joy and fun into your exercise routines?

This weekend I participated in a CrossFit competition. We didn’t place, or even come close to seeing a spot on the podium. But you know what? We had so much fun anyway. We challenged ourselves physically and mentally. We expanded what we thought possible of ourselves.

I’m reminded of the responsibility of enjoying the process, the journey. I love the sport of CrossFit, training, playing, competing, and spectating. This was my first competition since before I got pregnant with Ceanna (nearly 4 years ago). And I have a totally different mindset about my training and fitness at this point in my life than I did then – with more of a focus on longevity and overall health.

I am sharing this with you today to encourage you to find physical activities you LOVE doing. Activities that light you up; that you look forward to participating in. Whether that is CrossFit for you or something totally different. Know that it doesn’t have to look like anything in particular.

Leave judgement at the door, and give it your all to make it fun. The important thing is you feel inspired to move your body regularly and do so in a way that feels like play, like recreation. Our lives are far too stressful and overwhelming by work, relationships, the news, and everything else in between. Your exercise routine should bring you JOY, not add to your list of things to stress about.

And notice I used the word "responsibility" earlier. That was intentional. It is our responsibility to our bodies to bring in movement to our daily activities. And because stress is so prevalent in our lives, it is our responsibility to ensure that our time dedicated to movement is less about stress and more about fun, payfulness, and joy.

Some other forms of movement I really enjoy: yoga, dancing, running, bike riding. I’d love to hear what movement modalities hit the spot for you.

If you are having trouble connecting with ideas of movement that bring you joy, go back to your childhood – what did you do for fun? Start there.

While I had no clue what CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, or even Yoga was when I was a kid - what I loved was moving in community. Anytime I could move my body with other people, I found joy. And I also loved variability, increasing my strength and skills in different ways. These two things are what CrossFit classes bring for me. This doesn't do it for everyone though, and that is why it is important to try different things and determine what works for you.

I would love to hear from you if this message resonates with you, as well as what you would like to hear more about from this newsletter.