How to connect with your future

How to create a vision that is balanced, dreamy, and attainable plus set up a process for regular reflection



1/20/2022 3 min read

What do you dream of? What brings you pleasure in life? What do you crave more of in your life?

 On Sunday January 16, 2022, I held a live virtual workshop for connecting with your vision for the year ahead. This was the first workshop of its kind that I have hosted, and I will likely hold it again based on the feedback I received. I have started to sit with some more in-depth feedback from this space and the underlying theme I’m hearing in response is: "gratitude for the space to reflect + dream". 💭🥰

So I'm curious, how often do you give yourself permission to dream? Do you have a system in place for regular reflection?

Taking a break from the overthinking and planning noise to look back on what’s gone well, give love for what’s been challenging, and consider what wants to come in the future feels like self-care for our busy thinking brains. Our brains spend a lot of time and energy planning things out, as well as worrying about the challenges and obstacles for getting what we want. Our thinking brains can easily talk us out of going after our dreams before we've really even given space to let our dreams and heartfelt desires shine and breathe.

I have found in my own experience, and for my clients, there is so much power in connecting to your dreams BEFORE over-analyzing the problems of reaching them. This is also backed by social scientists (who are way smarter than me) that share research that shows that the most successful people are the ones who know what they want and are very clear on their WHY.

Understanding our desires keeps us focused, clear, and striving. We are able to say "Yes!" to the things that bring us closer, and have boundaries and confidence to say "No!" to things that distract us from our dreams.

If you didn’t attend my workshop, I encourage you to review the recording (sent out to my newsletter subscribers, let me know if you didn’t get it and still want it!) 

 For now, I'd like to share some notes for continuing the visioning practice on your own. If you still haven't carved out time for this this year, no stress! Anytime is a perfect time to re-connect with your vision. I strongly encourage you being patient with this process, giving room for your dreams to breathe a bit, and having a check-in process for returning to them. Our dreams will naturally shift and perhaps grow overtime. Visioning is most successful when it's an ongoing activity.

 PS nothing wrong with thinking, planning, and acting - it’s about aligning the actions to a bigger dream. And the ladies who chose to join my group coaching program, Ignite Your Life will have mine and the rest of the groups support in developing and getting started with their action plans moving them forward toward their dreamy, wild, badass visions! 🔥 I can’t wait to get started (Jan 31 starts our first round!!) if you haven’t joined and are still considering it reach out to me ASAP! There’s still a few spots left! If you have no clue what Ignite Your Life is, head here.

Okay, here are some simple steps to beginning your own visioning practice:

I encourage you to grab a journal or a trusted friend or coach to talk through these questions (don't leave the answers in your brain, get them out! Observe them, be with them.) Get cozy, untangle your mind from distractions (perhaps that looks like a short breathing exercise or some light stretching if that feels good for you), grab a warm beverage, and give the following prompts some consideration:

  1. Get clear on what has been going well for you.

  2. Get clear on what areas you wish felt different. 

  3. Get clear on what brings you joy and pleasure, as well as what brings you down.

  4. Get clear on what shifts need to occur, in what ways can you step on the gas pedal more, or perhaps do you need to soften in some areas instead? 

  5. Be very clear on HOW you want to feel once said shift occurs. Come up with 3-5 words that describe that feeling. (ie pleasure, peaceful, aligned, rooted, energized, confident)

  6. Envision yourself living life feeling that feeling. Create an affirmative statement using the words that speak to you ("I am rooted and confident") 

  7. Commit to small, specific action steps that move you closer to that feeling every day 

  8. Stay connected to the feeling as your North Star, and flexible and curious about your action steps

  9. Determine a method for regular reflection and checking in on your progress. Find support for accountability. Tell your friends and family about what you are creating.

  10. It serves repeating, determine what support, tools, and resources you have and what you need. This is key.


Growth is not easy. Change is not easy. Having a family, an ecosystem, of support makes it feel easier and more pleasurable along the way. If you are unclear of who can support you, I would be honored to be that person for you, or help connect you with one of my colleagues. Please send me a message at to start the conversation.