Year End Reflections

Journal Prompts for year end reflections

12/1/2021 4 min read

Welcome to the final month of 2021.

In a world that’s overly focused on forward progress - we often skip the step of reflecting, integrating lessons, assessing how things are working, and how they are not working.

I hope this friendly newsletter serves as encouragement for you to create space in your schedule this month, among all of the festivities and events and traditions and giving, to also take time for going in. Take time to pause and reflect.

I have included here several questions / journal prompts for you to use as a tool for this process.

If you feel called to this practice, my suggestion to you is to create space in your schedule NOW for sitting down with these questions. Mark it on your calendar now as a date with yourself. Plan on enjoying a warm beverage, lighting a special candle, playing some music, you know all the things.

Let me repeat that, carve the time out now, dedicate it to yourself, before it gets forgotten about it. I know in years past, I have personally vowed to do some form of reflection practice in the final week of December, and it normally gets either rushed through or forgotten about totally.

So let's get on to it:

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journal with warm nourishing beverages
Some additional notes:

I know many of you know I am studying astrology and are curious to learn more about how this area connects to and supports what I share here. Astrologically, we are in the heart of Sagittarius season, which represents the archetype of the traveler, both of the world and of the unconscious depths of the soul. The archetype of the archer, pulling back the arrow and taking aim. This season asks us to look honestly at our desires and what we believe in and why.

I also want to take this opportunity to invite you to reach out to me directly for pure accountability (just send me a message saying reflections done ✅) once you’ve completed them. I would love for you to share with me the reflections that stand out the most for you, or the prompt that brough you home. This is totally free and no strings attached, I'm just super curious + believe in the power of accountability.

OR send me a message if you’d like to request time together to dive deeper into these questions and year end reflections in the form of a 1:1 90-minute session, where I will hold space for you and provide you with further prompts, midwifing you to clarity and peace with the events, lessons, and experiences of this past 12 months. This 90-minute year end reflection session will be held over zoom (or may be held in person if you are local) and will be in exchange for $44 with no required or expected commitment to continue coaching together.

One last thing, I don't want to leave you stuck in the space of the past with no light. The next step after reflecting is visioning. It’s valuable to spend time in reflection on both the good and bad, but we can’t stay stuck in the past. I want you know I am planning a live group workshop in January 2022 for us to set visions and intentions together, and I would LOVE for you to join. This workshop will guide you in setting visions for the year ahead in a way that is grounded, feminine, and aligned - as opposed to the traditional masculine goal-driven strategies you may be accustomed to. If this speaks to you, please respond to this email or send me a message directly to let me know! I want to ensure we pick a time that works for the folks who are hearing a "hell yes" around joining this workshop. PS the workshop will be totally FREE to join.

Sending you so much love and light in these final weeks of 2021.
PS. Message me for accountability on this practice, with no cost or strings attached - text your favorite reflection to
PPS. Reach out if you would like to schedule a session to review your reflections together at a deeper level, in exchange for $44. Text me "year-end session" to 407-687-4809 and we will schedule a time.
PPPS. Know that the light is coming, you don't have to stay in reflection mode, in January I will be offering space in the form of a FREE workshop to set intentions and vision. Let me know now if this interests you by texting me "lets vision!" to 407-687-4809
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Start by getting comfortable. Open a blank page in your notebook. Take time to center yourself, whatever that may look like for you. Find yourself landing in your body, connected with your breath. Ask your soul to show you the most important pieces from the past year you need to spend extra time with.

I invite you to explore the following questions as a starting place:

1.      What is one word that represents the theme from this past year?

2.      What was the biggest challenge I faced this year? How am I sitting with that challenge now?

3.      What felt really good this year? What did I achieve, shift, move away from, or lean into?

4.      What did I grieve this year?

5.      How did I show myself love this year?

6.      In what areas of my life could I have shown or felt more love?

7.      When did I feel most alive this past year? What was I doing, who was I with?

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’d invite you to take time to look back at the year behind us through reviewing your calendar from the past year, the photos in your phone, the places you traveled to, journal pages, books you read, art you created.